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Xbird1 wing inflate failure

Xbird1 wing inflate failure. Jérome Rôchelle – on Saturday December 03 2011, I’ve jumped from Aragon wall for a wingsuit fly with my friend El Amarillo. After few second I felt my wingsuit going in a right turn then suddenly I fell head down barrel and fly on my back. Then I pulled and my canopy opened with lines twist which never stop increasing. The wind flow from gorge pushed my canopy against the wall and I tried to twist off as quick as I could. Lucky one second before inpact a little wind escape my canopy from the wall and I could fly free.
After looking to the videos, we were scared to see that the right wing didn’t inflate. I asked for expertise (from Tony, Matt, JeanNoel, Robert, James…) to know if it was a pilot mistake or a wingsuit malfunction? For sure the only one (small) vent inlet of the wing too close the harness made this scary situation, add to some other issue (little lateral wind, bad exit, hide vent, burble depress…). A little hide or poor inflation on wing made this critical situation.
I’ve looked at all video rush: nothing bad, chestrap tired, vents openend, wings linked by zip… After I’ve checked all the wingsuit: egal size (not asymetrical built), number of cells, size of vents, number of hole cells, no clamping of wings outside and inside, egal time of wing inflate with hairdryer.
I was lucky and I still alive, my video could give a way to change the future for all Xbird1 owners (it was in private share at begenning for expertise, but many persons told me to share it). In a short start or a less steepy wall I was died. I think that Tonysuits should call all them back for update because X1 will have a long life with many differents owner. Perhaps I was unlucky… perhaps I will be the only one, perhaps yes, perhaps no!? But I don’t know the answer.

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