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Chris Douggs McDougall – What Does BASE Stand for?

Chris Douggs McDougall – What Does BASE Stand for?

Chris Douggs McDougall

What Does B.A.S.E Stand for? Check out the video to find out the answer!

Chris Douggs McDougall

Base jumping from buildings: Benidorm in Spain and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, antennas in Switzerland and USA, spans in Croatia and Twin Falls in USA and mountains – Riglos in Spain and Monte Brento in Italy.

Chris Douggs McDougall about himself:
“My life has been devoted to BASE jumping and skydiving for over 16 years now – 16 years that have brought me endless joy and adventure and taught me what living life to the fullest really means. BASE jumping proves that nothing is impossible if you chase your dreams with passion and determination.

My chosen adventure sports have taken me to all corners of the globe, exploring some of nature’s true wonders in the company of the world’s most unique, inspirational people. I created BASEdreams to share my experiences of these incredible sports, in the hope that they may inspire even just one person to break free from the constraints of society and achieve what their hearts most desire – whatever that may be.
While only a handful of us will experience BASE jumping, we’re all plunging through the freefall of life. And we have to make the most of it.”

Gary Connery with Kali (16 Years old son)

Incredible Father & Son Base Jump

16 Year Old’s 1st Ever Base Jump


Incredible Father & Son base jump with Gary Connery & Kali in Croatia. Gary shares his passion for base jumping with his son Kali. Kali takes a one in a lifetime trip to Croatia to become one of the youngest base jumpers in the world.

Gary Connery is a British stuntman, base jumper & skydiver. He was the stunt double for the Queen in the 2012 Olympics & has worked on films such as Indiana Jones, Batman & James Bond. He also completed the first ever wingsuit jump with no parachute by landing on cardboard boxes.

Gary took a trip to Croatia with his son Kali to help his son fulfill his dream: completing his 1st base jump at the age of 16.

Aerial Chronicles Of a Venetian 7



Vladimir Spigler and his friend Joseph travel to some eastern Mediterranean country to perform some BASE jumps from a 110m bridge but here’s the catch – they will try to jump in as many different ways as they can. Before they get caught. There are lots of variations for BASE jumping, and Vladimir is going to walk (or jump) you through them – BASE jumping with the pilot chute stowed in the canopy container, with a hand held pilot chute, with pilot chute assisted from one another, by attaching the pilot chute to the bridge with a static line, with the extracted canopy hanging down and performing a rollover on top of it… Potential police encounters, wind and a traffic-filled motorway will make their day exciting, illegal, but not easy! How Many Illegal BASE Jumps Can You Do in A Day? | Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian, Ep. 7
Athletes – Vladimir Spigler, Giuseppe Galdiolo
Location – Croatia