Best of Wingsuit 2013

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Best of Wingsuit 2013

Jeb Corliss, Alexander Polli, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes

Flyers & Profiles:
Jeb Corliss
Jokke Sommer
Espen Fadnes
Alexander Polli

song 1 “Yuna – Lullabies(Adventure Remix)
song 2 “The Black Keys – Little Submarines”
song 3 “Injustice – Civilisation
song 4 “Adele – Skyfall Cover Madilyn Bailey
song 5 “Marcy Gray – Sail Awlonation Cover

2 thoughts on “Best of Wingsuit 2013

  1. There are Falconers who sky dive with their Peregrin Falcons!! When a Peregrine hunts it reaches speeds over 100 miles per hour and it goes into barrel rolls and stoops, that is how it kills its prey. The BRAVE people who have experienced the feeling of flight in a wingsuit know the feeling of TRUE flight. Something the majority of us w ill never know. I am way to chicken to EVER base, bungee, or wing suit. Check out a Peregrin falcon OR a Goshawk in flight while they are hunting there have some great videos on U Tube!!

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