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Base Jumping in Europe – the best videos

Planet Douggs – Wingsuit Flight Through a Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen

Planet Douggs

Wingsuit Flight Through a Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen

Planet Douggs – Ep.1 – Wingsuit Flight in Lauterbrunnen

Meet Chris “Douggs” McDougall, BASEjumper, speedflyer, wingsuit pilot, skater, party animal and loving husband. In this very first episode, we thought we’d formally introduce you to the amazing athlete who kindly agreed to be the face & voice of Epic over the next few months, covering the world’s biggest BASE and wingsuit events. Watch this space for episode number 2, straight out of Mexico!

Produced, Directed & Edited by Jools Benker
Filmed by Mateffy Istvan

EpicTV would like to thank professional BASEjumper and wingsuit pilot Dan Vicary for his time and footage.

Music credit:
Song: “9 to 5″
Artist” Dolly Parton

Extreme wingsuit flights in Russia

Extreme wingsuit flights in Russia

Ingushetia is a mysteryland in the north of the Caucasus. This is a country, which for a long time was inaccessible for the outside world and which was able to keep safe its mystical nature and ancient buildings. Ratmir and Gleb visited that place to be a part of its mysterious world of mountains and sky and to accomplish dangerous jump into beautiful gorge Myat Loam.

Director, editor: Ratmir Nagimyanov
Base jumpers: Gleb Vorevodin, Ratmir Nagimyanov
Operators: Vladimir Abih, Vitaly Karavan, Alexey Pitalenko

Ratmir Nagimyanov by facebook

Shane McConkey Base Jumper

Shane McConkey

Freeskier & Base Jumper at Tribeca Film Festival

Dose was on the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival paying homage to Shane McConkey for the premiere of “McConkey,” a feature length documentary about his groundbreaking career as a freeskier and base jumper. We spoke to J.T. Holmes, Shane’s long time friend and fellow skier, wife Sherry McConkey and the directors about the massive imprint that Shane has left behind for generations to come.

Stay behind the scenes w/Tim & the dose crew on Instagram/Twitter:
@timbojbaggins – host
@grams – filmer/editor/producer
@brittanykellyk – producer

The Devold Protection Challenge

The Devold Protection Challenge

Norwegian underwear producer Devold put their protective clothing to the ultimate test as they set fire to a base jumper and sends him over a cliff 1200 meters above ground.

The scene is set with stunning imagery from the rough mountain landscape near Helsetkopen Norway. The music illustrates the tension and excitement before Tom Erik Heiman is about to perform one of the most spectacular base jumps ever performed.

“The thing that concerns me the most is my pilot-chute (that opens the parachute). If the pilot-chute gets burned it might not work”, says stuntman Tom Erik Heiman before he is about to jump off a 1200-meter high cliff indulged in flames.

Adding flames to an activity that is already associated with high risk in the first place, doesn’t this sound reckless and unnecessary? According to Devold, it is precisely those situations where life and health is at risk where their products can make a difference.

“In this movie, we wanted to demonstrate that Devold Protection products withstand the most demanding challenges. We put our products in an extreme situation where they had to function optimally”, says Trond Sleipnes, Marketing Director in Devold of Norway AS.

Devold is a Norwegian manufacturer of protective underwear that protects against cold, heat, flames, static electricity and metal splash. The company was the first manufacturer to receive EU-approval for their flame retardant underwear.

“Through The Devold Protection Challenge, we wanted to focus on these situations. We wanted to test the products and its capabilities in a setting where there are no room for mistakes, where the stress level is high, and the focus must be entirely on the task”, says Trond Sleipnes.

Client: Devold
Creative Agency: Fantefilm
Director: Andreas Bombom Lisberg
Producer: Hugo Hagemann Føsker
Chief Photographer: Nico Poulsson
Production Manager: Cathrine Klem
Stuntman: Tom Erik Heimen
Stunt Coordinator: Seth Ericson/Svenska Stuntgruppen