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Base Jumping in Alps – extreme videos

Dallas BASE Crew – Lucid Dreams 2

Drift HD Athletes: Eugene Edwards, Luke Hively & Brad Perkins of the Dallas BASE Crew (DBC), Wingsuit BASE jumping throughout Switzerland, Summer of 2012. Traveling to exit points and flying lines including Sputnik (The Crack), Kandersteg, Switzerland, flying through the waterfall from The Ultimate, & High Nose to the campground in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Taking extreme to new levels with their flying squirrel suits (haha!), Proximity Flying & Terrain Flying…
Jumpers in the video: Leigh Mavs Aldred, Michael Biederman, Scotty Bob, Eugene Edwards (Feedus), Luke Hively, Dan Johnson, Mathew Kenney, Jim (Bu) Klinge, Lawrence de Laubadere, Alex Miziuk, Scott Patterson, Brad Perkins, Alexander Polli, Matt Robinson, Mitchell Seguin, & Weirdo Aussie Buttstink (Woody)

Alexander Polli – Precision Of Human Flight

Alexander Polli – Precision Of Human Flight. Alexander Polli advances the field of human flight with the first-ever successful wingsuit target strike. Few have tried—none have succeeded, until now! Reaching speeds of 250 km/h (155 mph), Alexander aims and explodes through precisely placed foam slalom gates at key turns as he pilots downhill—a feat never before accomplished!
Shot in full HD with multiple angles, Alexander literally breaks through the barriers of what is possible in human flight.

Through his videos, Alexander is working to change the perception of participants in this sport—as professional athletes driven by passion rather than adrenaline daredevil death-wishing lunatics. Namaste.