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Jokke Sommer & Soul Flyers in Dubai 2

Jokke Sommer & Soul Flyers

Dubai episode 2

Follow wingsuit proximity flyer Jokke Sommer on a training camp to Skydive Dubai.

Skydive training is essential in the sport of wingsuit base jumping. Discover wingsuit and freefly training with the best of the best: Vince Reffet from Soul Flyers and Petter Jhonson in the wind tunnel.


XTreme Video

Vince Reffet

Petter Johnson

Jean-Philippe Teffaud

Digitalism (Paul Emanuel)

Jokke Sommer
Vince Reffet
Petter Johnson
Jean-Philippe Teffaud
Fred Fugen
Julian Boulle
Skydive Dubai
Nasser Al Neyadi

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Tulip BASE Crew Showreel

Tulip BASE Crew Showreel

Get a glimpse of what the Tulip BASE Crew has been up to in their very first showreel. It should be illegal to have this much fun! Oh, wait… it IS (mostly) illegal to have this much fun šŸ˜‰ Jumps in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Estonia, Italy, Turkey

Tulip BASE Crew Team:
Andrew Toyer
Marco Schultz
Jochem van Kesteren
Ronald Overdijk
Wouter Wellen

Busted by the Police in Benidorm

BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal

Jokke Sommer’s at it again, only this time he’s not getting off scott-free. It’s strike ONE for the police in Benidorm, and we don’t want to know what happens in Spanish prison to reckless BASE jumpers…

Check out episode 2 of Barely Legal, where Jokke and friend Dominik laugh in the face of the law and BASE jump off as many skyscrapers as they can in this video series over six blissful days of lawlessness.

Director: Ellioth & Winther Film
Producer: EpicTV
Athletes: Jokke Sommer, Dominik Loyen

BUSTED by the Police, BASE Jumping in Benidorm | Jokke Sommer’s Barely Legal, Ep. 2