Zakynthos summer BASE Boogie 2013

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Zakynthos summer BASE Boogie 2013
One of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea with emerald waters and lush nature is Zakynthos Island. Located on the west coast of Greece and being the third largest island in the Eptanisa complex, the “Flower of the East”, as the Venetians used to call it, boasts amazing, white, sandy beaches and unique natural beauty. It is also the prime nesting area for the endangered Caretta caretta sea turtles.

Favored with mid Mediterranean climate, the island is the ideal destination for summer holidays and attracts the nature and sea enthusiasts, as it provides a wide variety of outdoor and water sport activities. One of the most high adrenaline activities taking place on the island is BASE jumping and is set in Navagio Beach or else Shipwreck Beach, one of the most amazing beaches in Europe.

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