World’s Fastest Woman – Ellen Brennan

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Ellen Brennan

WWL Flight Line

Ellen Brennan the World’s Fastest Woman in Ep 4 of “Flight Line” by WWL.

“Flight Line” Ep4: As a young girl Ellen Brennan (USA) was inspired watching her father flying his paraglider in the skies above her. As she grew older she embraced this passion of free flight as her own and took it to the next level. Whether flying her wingsuit in the mountains, soaring her paraglider or training for her next adventure,

Ellen is an incredibly driven athlete. If she is not climbing and jumping from cliffs in Moab, UT, you will likely find her exploring the Alps in her wingsuit. Within the B.A.S.E community Ellen is known not only for her amazing performance but also as a very safe and vigilant individual. Ellen prides herself as an ambassador to her sports and has mentored many new jumpers.

The World Wingsuit League (WWL) was formed to meet the demand of “proximity flyers” for competitions that tested their skills not just against the mountains but against each other. It administers invitational wingsuit flying competition events worldwide.

Music Credits:

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Produced by: Iiro Seppanen and Frank Yang
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Filming: Sami Wilenius and Nic “Moose” Good
Voice-Over: Jason Moledzki

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