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Hank Caylor: The Man, The Myth, and The Legend

by Cynthia Lynn

Hank Caylor

“Whuffo you jump out of them airplanes?” a question that could be asked of Hank Caylor on his birthday at the age of 16 when he completed his first skydive. At that point Hank was already a 5.12 rock climber and held a degree of popularity at his high school for his entrepreneurial skills in pharmaceutical sales. When I questioned him in regards to his popularity he is quick to point out that he also “wore spandex tights to school that made me very popular in a freaky way.”

He describes the struggle of raising him from childhood as “hideous.” explaining that his father is “a Republican, CPA in Texas versus him being a Rock climbing, BASE jumping Colorado freak.” His father has all of his movies and magazines, but he still doesn’t “get it.” He credits his mother with being the cook of his favorite meal, “chicken fried steak” and points out that in his mom’s words she is more afraid of his BASE jumps than she is of his baby brother doing his 3rd tour in Iraq.

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