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Carson Klein | WWL Flight Line

Carson Klein

WWL Flight Line

“Flight Line” – The awesome new wingsuit series by WWL with the best wingsuit pilots in the world. Ep 2 starring Carson Klein. New episodes every Thursday at 10pm CET!

“Flight Line” Ep2: Carson Klein grew up in California at the west of the United States, where he took up mountain biking and paragliding before taking parachuting in his early twenties. About the same time he started his aviation career as a helicopter pilot.
Carson soon fell in love with wingsuit skydiving and now counts more than 1000 wingsuit flights and 2000 parachute jumps.
He started base Jumping 12 years ago and quickly began flying his wingsuit through the mountains of Europe and USA.
Carson is really excited to be part of this edition of the WWL and compete with the best wingsuit pilots of the world.

The World Wingsuit League (WWL) was formed to meet the demand of “proximity flyers” for competitions that tested their skills not just against the mountains but against each other. It administers invitational wingsuit flying competition events worldwide.

The Athletes of WWL China Grand Prix:

1. Andy Farrington
2. Carlos Briceño
3. Carson Klein
4. Chris “Douggs” Mcdougall
5. Dominik Wicki
6. Ellen Brennan
7. Espen Fadnes
8. Frederik “Bruce Lee” Hedeen
9. James Boole
10. Jason Molendsky
11. Jhonathan Florez
12. Joakim “Jokke” Sommer
13. Julian Boulle
14. Melissa Pemberton
15. Laurent Frat
16. Marshall Miller
17. Maurizio “Maury” Di Palma
18. Sebastian Alvarez:
19. Noah Bahnson
20. Rex Pemberton
21. Roberta Mancino
22. Luke Hively
23. Tom Erik Heimen
24. Uli Emanuele
25. Vincent “Le Blond” Descols
26. Yuri Coridero

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Produced by: Iiro Seppanen and Frank Yang
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Filming: Sami Wilenius and Nic “Moose” Good
Voice-Over: Jason Moledzki