Red Bull Aces final aerial battle

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Red Bull ACES

The Race: Wingsuit 4 Cross Racing

Finals day. Single elimination. Lose, you’re grounded. Win, you stay in. Catch this ultimate, head-to-head, final four flight to determine who claims the first ever Wing Suit 4 Cross Racing Crown.

52 of the world’s top wingsuit flyers descended on Oakdale, California, two hours east of San Francisco, for Red Bull Aces, the first-ever side-by-side wingsuit racing event.

Created by Red Bull Air Force pilot Luke Aikins, flyers will compete head-to-head in a high speed slalom race in the sky, where they’ll weave between four gates, staggered at thousand-foot intervals between 6,500-3,500 feet. Check out the best action from the final day, where the first-ever wingsuit 4-cross champion is crowned!

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