DREAM WALKER – Zakynthos

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DREAM WALKER – Zakynthos

Rope Jumping – no limit expedition

“Dream Walker – Around the World in 80 jumps” – extreme Dream Jump rope jumping method, in the boldest project of the last decade. Great cooperation between the Zakynthos island, professional rope jumpers and BASE jumpers have merged beauty and extreme together. With the stunning background of Navajo Beach, the breathtaking rope and BASE jumps from a 200 meters height, have amazed thousands of tourists being in love with the island, and later have amazed the whole world. For the firsttime, the World have seen synchronized rope and BASE jumps. For the first time, five sportsmen have jumped from one platform. First so impressive rope jumping system.

7 thoughts on “DREAM WALKER – Zakynthos

  1. Dream walking Rope Jumpers video is beautiful!! The location is breathtaking! You guys are the bravest people EVER!! You are amazing to have that kind of courage! The adrenaline you experience must be insane! I am watching a HBO documentary right now about Shane McConkey. He would love what you guys do! You guys are fearless. XOXO!!

  2. This week I will be there. I want to do bungee jumping, are you guys there? Can you give me a phone number?
    Thank you. You are amazing

  3. Hello.
    I’ll be in Greece from 26/12 to 02/01
    How can I register for the rope jump?? Is it available for people who are not professional??
    Best Regards

  4. Will this be available in summer 2017?
    If yes when and how do we sign up for this?

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