Buzzing Paragliders, Waterfall Fly-Thru

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Buzzing Paragliders, Waterfall Fly-Thru.
In a sudden leap of confidence, wingsuit pilot Nathan Jones is having more fun than should be allowed – buzzing friends in paragliders, flying through waterfalls and partying with chicks in bikinis – life is good.

In this GroWings video Nate tells us why he really really loves this sport. We’ll watch him travel to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland to party, jump with friends and practice wingsuiting as he continues his journey towards achieving a BASE jump and wingsuit jump off of Brevent in Chamonix, France.

GroWings is a six-episode web series which follows wingsuit pilot Nathan Jones over the summer, traveling and training throughout the mountains of Europe to prepare himself to reach the goal of flying the more technical and advanced terrain of Brevent in Chamonix, France. We welcome you to an insight into the amazing community and lifestyle of BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers.

Director: Mateffy Istvan
Producer: Mateffy Istvan
Athletes: Nathan Jones, Chris Douggs McDougall

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