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BASE Jumping Perrine Bridge

Perrine Bridge

B.A.S.E. Jumping With The YouScared? Crew

A huge thank you to:
James “Crash” Diroff,
David “CupCake” Pugin
Eric “TrunkMonkey” Salas
Jay Mccahan
Kyle “CookiePuss” Schiegner
James “Bu” Klinge

And a shoutout to Johnny James & Cord Walker of the YouScared? Crew.

Special thanks to Brendan Grant, Christian Karmoll, and AviatorMediaHouse for post production.

Base Jump Auckland Harbour Bridge

Base Jump Auckland

Harbour Bridge

On the 1st of January 2000, a Millennium Base Jump took place in Auckland New Zealand. First to see in the new Millennium.. 10 Auckland skydivers went down in history as the first legal base jump in New Zealand took place. Tim Fastnedge gained approvals from Transit New Zealand to carry out the jump from the Auckland Harbour Bridge, as a “millennium event”. 120 feet above sea level approx.
Jumpers: Andy Godfrey, Bea Austin, Callum Baird, Garth Lawless, Paul Early, Stu Read, Scott Beange, Tim Fastnedge, Tony Moore, Shane Baird
Thanks to: Severn Smith – Technical advisor; Paree Del La Varis – Medical support; Bridget Pirie – Safety Officer; Thanks to our Boat Recovery crews & the Marine Ambulance
Thanks to Transit New Zealand.
* Special thanks to Gerard Dunning for putting this video together..

Aerial Chronicles Of a Venetian 7



Vladimir Spigler and his friend Joseph travel to some eastern Mediterranean country to perform some BASE jumps from a 110m bridge but here’s the catch – they will try to jump in as many different ways as they can. Before they get caught. There are lots of variations for BASE jumping, and Vladimir is going to walk (or jump) you through them – BASE jumping with the pilot chute stowed in the canopy container, with a hand held pilot chute, with pilot chute assisted from one another, by attaching the pilot chute to the bridge with a static line, with the extracted canopy hanging down and performing a rollover on top of it… Potential police encounters, wind and a traffic-filled motorway will make their day exciting, illegal, but not easy! How Many Illegal BASE Jumps Can You Do in A Day? | Aerial Chronicles of a Venetian, Ep. 7
Athletes – Vladimir Spigler, Giuseppe Galdiolo
Location – Croatia